I meet with patients at least once a week. Sessions are 50 minutes in length, usually at the same time each week.  Many people find meeting more than once a week increases the benefits of the process.  We can discuss what will best meet your needs at the beginning of treatment, and periodically check in to assess what is optimal for you.

Fees & Insurance

My fee is comparable with average rates for psychotherapy in the Bay Area. Please call to inquire about current fees and availability.  While I am currently not on insurance panels, I do provide a monthly bill for insurance reimbursement.  Call your insurance company directly to see how much and what they cover with out of network providers. 


Everything we talk about is confidential, including your coming to see me.  There are a few exceptions, as required by law, if there is an issue of danger (to self, others).  We discuss this further in the first session.