I work primarily from a psychoanalytic model because I have found it to be the most effective way of getting to the root of what troubles us.


Life can be hard.  All of us struggle to find meaning in our lives and relationships.  We may sense what drives our thoughts and behavior, and yet feel unable to change.  What is unique to psychoanalytic psychotherapy, is the focus on accessing what is not conscious, yet drives much of how we see and live our lives.  Together we will uncover how to live with your unique gifts and challenges. 

Couples and families

All groups (and couples are a group too) have differences.  In fact, we have plenty of differences inside each of us.  Within a couple or family, people often take up roles, losing other aspects to themselves,  and then, struggle in blame/complain cycles.   I help unpack what is at the root and together help you find new ways to communicate and access what matters.


Focus is both on developing skills and processing within group issues that arise.  Call for more information and to schedule an interview to see if a group is right for you.  Examples of kinds of groups offered:  

1) Body Image

2) Relating to Others

3) Managing Difficult Emotions